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The Women of Elim 

Next meeting September 10, 2023

Florence Carlson Educational Scholarship

The purpose of the Florence Carlson Educational Scholarship is to give a deserving student of Elim Lutheran Church of Blackhoof an award to assist in his/her pursuit of a further education.

  1. The Scholarship is open to any confirmed member of Elim currently enrolled in any college, university, trade or vocational school that has not previously won the award.

  2. Deadline for application is June 10, 2019, no exceptions. Award to be given for that semester.

  3. The award will be made on the recommendation of a committee consisting of three (3) members or friends of Elim. None to be a member of an applicants immediate family.

  4. Application will consist of two (2) essay questions to be formulated each year.


  1. The initial principal will be set aside by the Women of Elim. Any donations made to the scholarship fund will be added to this principal amount. Scholarships will be given on the interest earned.

  2. The amount awarded will be decided at a Women of Elim's meeting. Amount may vary, dependent on current funds. A minimum amount of $250 will be awarded.

  3. If financial difficulties arise, the Women of Elim may take initial investment and spend accordingly.

To Apply

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. When complete, return this form and your answer to either Deanna Glumac or Yvonne Peterson. Deadline for the applications: February 17, 2019.

  1. Through your years of education you have experienced many teachers/counselors, tell us about a teacher/counselor that was influential in your life or was special in some way.

  2. Tell us about a favorite Bible verse of yours.



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Confirmed member of Elim:   Yes ___________        No___________________

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