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September 2023 Worship Leaders/Volunteers List

September 3

Ushers: Kim S. & Arnie L.

Lector: Deb. C

Lawn Mowing : Matt P.

September 10

Ushers: Ken T. & Karen H.

Lector: Angie B.

Lawn Mowing : Danny S.

September 17

Ushers: Janet L. & Kim P.

Lector: Randy A.

Lawn Mowing : Arnie L.

September 24

Ushers: Roy O. & Paula H.

Lector: Karen H.

Lawn Mowing : Craig & Yvonne P.

September Serving Committee: Lindsey P., Jerry & Connie P., Roger & Leann P., Brody & Sam P., Dave & Joan G., Rich & Rita P.

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