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September Worship Leaders/Volunteers List

September 1

Ushers: Wayne & Cindy Timonen

Greeters: Dan & Leslee Naslund

Lector: Cindy Timonen

Acolyte: Gavin Thiry

Altar Care: Yvonne Peterson

Lawn Mowing (July 29- Aug. 4): Sue & Sherry Webb 

August 11

Ushers:Carmen&Vickey Langhorst-Milczark

Greeters: Brody & Sam Peterson

Lector: Carla Fellerer

Acolyte: Braden Parzi

Altar Care: Lenore Skoglumd

Lawn Mowing: Chris Werner (5th-11th)

August 18

Ushers: Allen & Kim Paulson

Greeters: Jeff & Wendy Tvedt

Lector: Mary Grover

Acolyte: Steve Saari

Altar Care: Deanna Glumac

Lawn Mowing: Sam & Brody Peterson


August 25

Ushers: Brody & Sam Peterson

Greeters: Roger & Leann Paulson

Lector: Lenore Skoglund

Acolyte: Spencer Symczak

Altar Care: Sue Webb

Lawn Mowing:(19th-25th) Carmen MilczarkDan Swanson

August Offering Counter: Wendy Juusala

Weed Gardens/Yard Work: (Carmen & Vickey Milczark  1st - 31st)

August Serving Committee: Troy & Justine Miller, Stephani, Gibson, Dave & Shanny Hurst, Joe & Deb Bahen, Jan Carlson, Larry & Deb Axtell

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